V-ribbed Belt - Raw Edge V-belt - Timing Belt - Variable Speed Belt - Accessory Drive System

Alpha Power Belt Thai Lan timing belts are designed to resist oil and heat under normal driving circumstances.
Precision moulded with fabric protection on specially compounded synthetic rubber reinforced with S/Z twist glass fibre tensile cords.
For correct application advice, please refer to ALPHA POWER BELT THAILAND application list. HNBR material is available upon request – for use in extreme engine performance requirements..

General industrial transmission belts, pulleys and related products

Synchronous Power - Transmission Frictional - Forced Power Transmission - Coupling

Classical V-belt Narrow V-belt Raw Edge Plain/Multi-ply V-belt Variable Speed Belt (RCVS/DCVS)
Timing Belt (G · U) MEGA TORQUE™ (G · U) MEGA TORQUE™ GII Giga Torque™ H Series Timing Belt
For general industrial equipment - For OA equipment For consumer electronics - For agricultural machinery For financial terminal

Conveyor belts, systems and related products

Alpha Power Belt Thailand selects the belt specifications (fabric, color) and quality that match the customer's request, and then welds together (sews) the trimmed lengths (cuts) and various profiles (parts)..

Premium Electronic Endless Premium Bracket Endless (Special Bracket Endless) Prevents water and oil seeping in from the ends.
Endless belts are used for revolving movement. Open-end belts are used for reciprocating movement, and the length can be freely.
Steel cord does not stretch easily, so it is suitable for accurate positioning. Polyurethane body enables resistance to oil, wear and weather.